New QRIScompute service supporting research community portals

QRIScloud has a new compute service designed to host research portals that support communities of researchers and research groups by giving their members access to a portfolio of data collections and computational tools.

The QRIScomputeHA (the ‘HA’ stands for High Availability) service provides production portals with a higher level of availability and reliability for compute.

Portals assigned to the QRIScomputeHA service are expected to support communities over years and will be allocated with long expiry dates.

TERN’s SuperSites and LTERN (pictured) portals and the Quadrant service have been early adopters of the new service.

QRIScomputeHA replaces part of Nectar’s National Server Program (NSP) as Nectar has funded five nodes to pick up the NSP service.

Research communities running research portals on QRIScloud are encouraged to move them to QRIScomputeHA. Please contact the QRIScloud Help Desk (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). A Getting Started Guide is available to help users request an allocation.

ltern map