Webinar: Nextflow—Scalable, Sharable and Reproducible Computational Workflows across Clouds and Clusters

14 March 2019, webinar

Time: 12pm–1pm AEST 

EMBL-ABR and ARDC will co-host this webinar on Nextflow. Nextflow is a reactive workflow framework and a domain specific programming language which follows the dataflow paradigm and offers an alternative, and arguably superior, approach to developing, executing and sharing pipelines.

In this webinar we will follow the steps required for developing sharable, version controlled, container-backed workflows, which can be seamlessly executed across different environments from a laptop to cluster to cloud. We will do this by leveraging Nextflow’s integration with code and container image hosting services such as GitHub and Docker Hub, and out of the box support for various HPC cluster schedulers and the Amazon AWS cloud.

Presenter: Radoslaw Suchecki, CSIRO

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