NCI's HPC Autumn Session

9–13 April 2018, Canberra

Researchers in all disciplines are invited to attend NCI's HPC Autumn Session, 9–13 April, in Canberra.

This five-day training course will cover both basic and advanced methods for making best use of NCI's high-performance computing environments. Topics covered will include:

  • NCI resources and services
  • Raijin essentials
  • How to use NCI's PBSPro job scripting system
  • How to access NCI data collections
  • An introduction to parallel programming
  • Basics of GPU programming.

Participants are welcome to register for the entire week or choose individual days they would like to attend.

The course provides experience working directly on Raijin, and provides an important springboard for advanced users to improve their HPC skills.

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