RNA-Seq in Galaxy workshop

24 May 2017, Brisbane

Date: 24 May
Time: 10am–1pm
Location: Multi Media Room 3.141, QBP/IMB, UQ, St Lucia Campus
Topic: RNA-Seq in Galaxy


This workshop is designed mainly for IMB PhD students. The workshop is aimed for new Galaxy users with little or no experience in genomics or analysis of high-throughput sequencing data.


The workshop introduces the concept of differential gene expression analysis with nextGen sequencing data, or RNA-Seq, using the Galaxy platform.

Galaxy has a user-friendly interface and does not require programming or knowledge of Unix for data analysis. 

The workshop program:

  • Introduction: Local resources for genomic research.
  • RNA-Seq in Galaxy: analysis of differential gene expression using high-throughput sequencing data. The participants will align RNA-Seq data to a reference genome using tophat, a gapped aligner, and identify differentially expressed genes with Cufflinks. We will cover some other basic data manipulation options in Galaxy.
  • Galaxy workflow: The participants will create, modify and use a Galaxy workflow for analysis of RNA-Seq data.
  • Q&A time.

Participants have to bring laptops with Wi-Fi that can be connected to eduroam. The room is equipped with power sockets for every participant. We will go through ‘RNA-Seq Differential Gene Expression: Basic Tutorial’ developed by the Genomics Virtual Lab. The participants are encouraged to print the tutorial manual for the wokrshop. In the LEAN section of the website go to RNA Seq and open Basic Galaxy Tutorial. Hint: save it as pdf, and print the pdf.

The workshop is free, but registration is essential, as the venue is limited to 20 participants. Email Olga Chaourova, IMB Postgraduate Engagement Officer, to register: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..