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Amanda Miotto

Amanda Miotto, QCIF’s eResearch Analyst at Griffith University, has made her and her colleague’s Reproducible Research workshop slides publicly available, which you can use to run your own workshop.

Even if you’re not planning on running a Reproducible Research workshop, it’s well worth checking out the slides for valuable tips for your own research. 

Amanda and Griffith Library Research Specialist Julie Toohey present nine lessons to protect your research. The lessons include documentation (e.g. file naming conventions, folder structure and version control), cloud storage of your data, computer security and deidentifying sensitive data. 

Once you’ve completed your project, help make your research data discoverable, accessible and possibly re-useable using a Persistent identifier (PiD), such as a Digital Object Identifier. A DOI is a unique alphanumeric string assigned by either a publisher, organisation or agency that identifies content and provides a persistent link to its location on the Internet, whether the object is digital or physical.

Amanda and Julie’s workshop slides are freely available on GitHub.

This article was first published on 22/07/2019.