Video collaboration service

QCIF operates a large-format video collaboration system based on Access Grid which enables communication among dispersed groups and allows group-to-group and multi-group two-way video and sound. Meetings can be between two locations – or can have more than a dozen different sites attending. It can be used on a personal basis but is particularly well-suited to larger installations requiring more advanced audio/video capabilities that are needed for large groups.

System benefits include:

  • Audio control includes a mixer for balancing sound levels amongst meeting participants
  • Video and audio services are highly configurable, allowing rapid switching between optimal configurations for different usage requirements
  • Network traffic can make use of multicast capability (or unicast)
  • Connection to EVO-based facilities is available via a communications bridge
  • Desktop Streaming allows sharing of presentations, documents, web pages and computer program displays for enhanced collaboration
  • Shared files for easy data transmission during a meeting
  • Shared control via virtual network computing
  • Text chat within a meeting for instant written communication
  • Configurable for low-bandwidth use
  • Remote maintenance of operations


Most modern hardware should perform adequately for a modest Access Grid node, such as a single or few-user installation, where a single high-grade machine may prove sufficient. As with many applications which involve video acquisition and display, the more RAM and the higher grade the machine's video card/s, the better. For larger room sizes – which may require multiple cameras and microphones, as well as three (or more) displays – it is recommended to use multiple machines to take care of the displays and audio and video capture services.
There are more than 30 Access Grid nodes in Australia and more than 200 around the world. Queensland universities with dedicated AccessGrid rooms and technical support include UQ, QUT, CQU, and JCU.

UQ AccessGrid room booking and support
QUT AccessGrid room booking and support
CQU AccessGrid room booking and support
JCU AccessGrid room booking and support

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