Get an account on the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI)

QCIF holds a share of the NCI facility. This entitles QCIF members to access the NCI National Facility (NCI NF) and use about 3.4 million service units annually (SU, a service unit, is approximately one CPU hour). Queensland researchers can use the NCI NF either by applying directly to NCI for a MAS (merit allocation scheme) allocation of time on the HPC facility or by applying for an allocation from QCIF’s partner share.

The application for resource on the NCI is found here. At the bottom of the page you wil be required to fill in a New Project form. Please note that in the second field (Scheme/Partner), you need to select QCIF from the drop-down menu.

Important: This how-to document is an excellent guide to the application process, so please consult it carefully, especially if you are a first-time user. Also take a look at the NCI FAQ

See here for the full QCIF NCI share allocation policy