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QRIScloud is a large-scale cloud computing and data storage service designed to stimulate and accelerate research use of computing across all disciplines.  It is an integral part of a national network of research computing infrastructure designed to provide researchers with access to high-speed, high-capacity computing services.  

Using QRIScloud researchers can economically compute using large virtual clusters, host web services, store research datasets up to ‘Big Data’ sizes, share existing data collections across research communities and enhance collaboration with other researchers nationally and internationally. Institutions can focus on their key research innovations knowing that compute power is readily available and that data generated by their researchers are stored in a safe and easily accessible location.

About QRIScloud

QRIScloud is the Queensland node of both the Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) project (Data Collections) and the national research cloud provided by the National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (NeCTAR) (Virtual Machines) project. It is managed by QCIF and operated through the University of Queensland and James Cook University.

QCIF manages the node to ensure that data storage is sustainable well beyond the life of the RDSI project, federal funding for which ceases in 2014, and the initial NeCTAR project.

QRIScloud services

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Today, QRIScloud offers a range of cloud computing services and more will be progressively added in 2014 to meet rapidly increasing demand.

Data storage services

QRIScloud makes available the RDSI Research Data Services (ReDS) data collections to researchers. The aim of ReDS is to fund infrastructure to store research data collections of national merit and collections of interest for future research. Collections that do not qualify for ReDS storage will be considered for an allocation of locally approved data storage for their research data collection.

Apply for QRIScloud storage

To apply for QRIScloud storage for your research data collection, researchers should complete this application form and return it to QCIF by email, post or in person. Address details are on the form. Research is first considered for ReDS storage. Even if it does not meet those requirements, it will be automatically considered for QRIScloud.

If you need help, QCIF’s team of eResearch Analysts can help you complete your application. A project is scheduled to commence shortly to make it easier for researchers to apply for storage online. Researchers are also welcome to apply to other RDSI nodes for storage.

Cloud compute services

The NeCTAR research cloud is a computing resource for all Australian researchers. It offers virtual machines for researchers to develop and deploy applications and collaborate in a uniform environment with controlled data sharing. QRIScloud is the Queensland node of the NeCTAR research cloud.

Apply for QRIScloud compute services

To apply for research cloud access researchers can log in to the NeCTAR Dashboard using an AAF login and submit an allocation request. Allocation requests can take up to 3 weeks to review. If you require a customised set up or are unable to get access to the research cloud through the dashboard, contact your local QCIF eResearch Analyst who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Tools and applications

Researchers can access a range of tools and applications via QRIScloud to suit many of the more common research requirements. Researchers can use the latest version of the software without needing a team to manage technical details such as security upgrades.

Professional services

QRIScloud has a team of highly skilled and responsive eResearch Analysts (eRAs) who can provide advice on which QRIScloud services will best suit your needs. Local eRAs are available at all Queensland universities.





QCIF offers a range of eResearch services to help researchers tackle real-world challenges:


An open, robust and scalable platform for researchers to deploy, share and manage research applications

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Read more about the QRISCloud 

High Performance Computing

QCIF operates high performance computers across the major Queensland universities available to researchers upon obtaining an account.

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Research Tools

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