SeeVogh’s stand-alone application


SeeVogh have been developing a stand-alone application. This application eliminates the need for users to install and maintain Java on their computer systems.  SeeVogh will automatically update the application as new features are added.  This eliminates all Java issues with SeeVogh, and gets rid of the headaches caused by browser and operating systems vendors constantly changing the security settings of their products. 

SeeVogh’s packaged client will download from the web and only requires to be installed once. The file to be downloaded is about 50 megabytes, so only take a minute or so to download on a fast network.  Once installed you can start the application.

To attend a meeting, paste the 10-digit meeting ID into the text box as shown above.

The meeting ID will be a 10-digit number sent to you by the meeting organiser. These digits are usually the last ten characters of the SeeVogh meeting invitation.

The stand-alone application is being developed for MAC OSX, Windows and Linux platforms. At this stage, the Mac OS X client is the only version recommended for general use. To download the application, simply click on the link provided below. 

Windows and Linux versions are available now, but they are still in "Beta", so please only use these versions for testing, if you are having issues running the javaws (jnlp) version, or if you have been directed by the SeeVogh administrators.