SeeVogh is next generation video collaboration software based on EVO, which was developed at CalTech for use by CERN and related researchers.  Creating SeeVogh meetings is fast and easy, with meetings of different types, such as Round Tables and Classrooms, that support one-on-one as well as very large (many 100s of attendees) meetings.  Screen sharing is enabled for all users and each user controls their own meeting experience.

SeeVogh benefits include:

  • High-definition video provides high-quality visual information meetings that can be created by anyone with a SeeVogh account. Information on how to obtain an account can be found in the Getting an Account Section
  • Only the person creating a meeting needs a SeeVogh account. Meeting invitees are not required to log in nor to authenticate. This works wells with communicating when international colleagues or industry partners;
  • Meetings may be password-protected for security purposes, if required;
  • Desktop streaming allows sharing of presentations, documents, web pages and computer program displays;
  • SeeVoghs the ability to connect to H.323/SIP devices. The moderator of the meeting can dial a H.323/SIP device. Additionally, currently in beta, SeeVogh allows H.323/SIP devices to dial directly into a meeting;

Other features

  • Multiple camera support;
  • Text chat for instant group messaging, or individual messaging;
  • Easy installation and auto-updating for new releases;
  • Mobile support for Android and IOS Devices (such as iPhone and iPad);

Note: From 2015 onwards, QCIF expects to be asking universities and organisations who would like their staff to be able to initiate SeeVogh meetings to obtain their own SeeVogh licence (please visit if you wish to enquire about SeeVogh licences).  For a number of reasons QCIF can no longer continue to support a national service for the entire Australian research community – and it was never intended that QCIF should.  More details about how institutions can transfer to their own SeeVogh licence or to one of the many other excellent services now available will be provided later in the year.

Getting an Account

If you require a SeeVogh account (you need an account in order to create a meeting) please contact the QCIF SeeVogh administrators at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please provide your reason for requiring a SeeVogh account, and some information on how it will relate to the Australian research and academic community.

Getting Started

The following Links provide information on getting started.

Creating a Meeting

Registered users should log into the SeeVogh website. Once authenticated, simply select the My SeeVogh menu option and select Create a Meeting.

It is suggested that first-time users watch the two-minute video on how to create a meeting.

Meeting Quality notes:

  • Selecting quality "high" will provide the best experience for general SeeVogh meetings.
  • Selecting the quality "720p" or "1080p" will require significant computer system capabilities to process this level of video quality. This is not recommended for users who will be connecting using an older computer system, or connecting from a limited network capability.
  • When creating a meeting, be sure to select more time and participants than required. Once a meeting has been created, SeeVogh does not allow you to extend it, or to add extra participants.

Did you know there is a mobile client for SeeVogh? Simply search for the SeeVogh on Apple’s App store, or Android’s Market Place.

It is also suggested that users have a read of Video Conferencing Etiquette.  The effectiveness of video conferencing can be influenced by many factors, one of which is the way participants interact with each other and the technology during collaboration. Certain behaviours during a video conference can be distracting to a speaker or other participants.  First time users often are unaware of this.  This etiquette guide provides tips and other useful information to participants of video sessions to ensure greater conferencing experiences.

SeeVogh Update Messages

Testing SeeVogh

If you would like to Test SeeVogh without having to create a meeting, you can join the QCIF SeeVogh Test Room (Meeting ID 7532474432).  Please be aware that you do not require a SeeVogh account to use this Test Room.  The test facility has been made available to allow users to try out SeeVogh, thus ensuring everything is working as expected. This "Test Room" will generally have no participants, but you can use the loopback functionality within SeeVogh to test both your video and audio.

The SeeVogh test program - (Is currently being upgraded and moved to a new server) and therefore currently unavailable.  But when it is back online, it can be used to ensure SeeVogh will work. This program will identify any possible issues that may prevent SeeVogh from working correctly.