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Genomics on the Cloud

The Queensland node of the RDSI cloud has made a specialty of genomics information, with storage currently allocated to 18 collections covering human, plant, and animal data.

Sixteen of these collections are from UQ, and Griffith University has provided two large sets of data. Of the Griffith data sets, one, from David Lambert’s research group, concerns ancient genomes, while the other looks at the genomics of microbes from the Great Artesian Basin. 

Plant genomics data sets store transcriptome, amplicon and genomics data for brassica, barley, nicotiana, rye and other plants. We have one data set just on chickpea genomics. We also intend to house an internationally significant data set about the wheat genome. This research, led by Dave Edwards at UQ, will be made open, thanks to funding from the Australian National Data Service’s Major Open Data Collections initiative.

In the plant area, paired sequences for brassica, barley, rye and other crops can be searched through a web portal.

Two mirror projects include the EBI Mirror (BRAEMBL) and the UCSC ENCODE Genome data set, replicated locally to enable faster access for researchers.

New data is also being generated as researchers make use of the analytical tools available in the Genomics Virtual Laboratory. The result of that analysis can be stored for sharing or for further analysis.

Cancer genomics are well represented, with data sets around melanoma and oral cancer. And marine genomics is represented by a data set of sea sponge and other invertebrate genomic resources for the Great Barrier Reef.