Conference attendance policy

QCIF recognises that conferences are an important part of the academic, community engagement and commercial activities of its member Universities. Participation in conferences provides significant benefits for QCIF and its member employees through the sharing of knowledge and resultant enhancement of the image of QCIF and its members.

The purpose of this policy is to outline in general terms the policy for funding or part funding for persons wishing to attend conferences.

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QCIF National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) Share Allocation Policy

QCIF has invested in a partner share at the National Computation Infrastructure (NCI). This entitles QCIF members to access the NCI National Facility (NCI NF) and use about 3.4 million service units annually (SU, a service unit, is approximately one CPU hour).

Queensland researchers can use the NCI NF either by applying directly to NCI for a MAS (merit allocation scheme) allocation of time on the HPC facility or by applying for an allocation from QCIF’s partner share.

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QCIF privacy policy

This document sets out the way in which Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation Ltd (QCIF) ACN 094 639 406 (we, us, our) collects, uses, stores and discloses your Personal Information.  

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